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The number of patent attorneys in Poland today
The number of European patent attorneys in Poland today
The number of European patents granted to applicants from Poland in 2017
The number of protected national patents and utility models in Poland
(as of 31.12.2017)
The number of registered and protected trademarks in Poland (as of 31.12.2017)

Superheroes talk about themselves

Why did they become patent attorneys? What is the biggest challenge for them in their daily work?
What do they find most interesting? What are their plans for the future?
And what do they do in their free time? Take a look and see for yourself.

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Grażyna Palka


A patent attorney, has acquired many years of experience at the Institute of Electron Technology and at a patent attorneys' office. She specializes in electronic and electrotechnical inventions. She loves tennis, cinema, and theatre.

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Paulina Młynarska


A patent attorney trainee, specializes in inventions and patent research. She is currently studying for the professional examination to become Polish patent attorney, but does not intend to stop there.

Stories of famous Polish inventors

Ideas of Polish inventors changed not only our country but also the world. Learn the story of five great characters who have become part of the history of the last 100 years thanks to their creativity and hard work.

Lucjan Barton – A Hollywood-style success story

The story of Lucjan Barton's success on the other side of the Atlantic could one day become the inspiration for a Hollywood movie to be shown on all kinds of screens, including liquid crystal ones. The Polish inventor led a team that developed a technology for using LCD displays in various devices.

Alfreda Graczyk – The architect of an important discovery in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

Professor Alfreda Graczyk’s discovery of the efficacy of using photosensitizers to diagnose and treat cancer has brought the medical world closer to inventing a successful cancer treatment that will save the lives of millions of people.

Józef Tykociński – A journey to the future of sound

The first words recorded on film by Józef Tykociński heralded a journey into the future and a gigantic change in the world of cinematography. His steadfastness in searching for the best conditions to develop his ideas took him on a journey that spanned nearly the whole world.

Hilary Koprowski – A Dream to Maintain People’s Health and Save Lives

Professor Hilary Koprowski, a Polish immunologist and virologist, created a vaccine against the polio virus, which, along with the practice of mass vaccinations, has maintained the health and saved the lives of millions. This, however, was not the only important achievement in his career.

Grażyna Ginalska – Giant advances in surgery

A unique implantation material, popularly known as “artificial bone”, created by a team headed by Professor Grażyna Ginalska heralds a revolution in surgery. The material does not cause any allergies and merges perfectly with the patient’s real bone. Moreover, it provides hope that the whole healing process can be accelerated in the future.

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